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Laser designed for Memorial Engraving

The AP Lazer 4028 was specifically designed for the Monument Engraving business.  The open bottom on the machine allows large headstones, rocks, barrels, etc to be placed under the machine allowing for laser engraving jobs that few machines are capable of handling.  

The examples below are red clay bricks engraved for a pet memorial dog walk.  Left over bricks have been used for creative door stops.  These bricks are specially manufactured to turn a special additive to glass when lasered.  The black lettering is not burned into the brick.  The additive in the brick is melted to create glass lettering that will last as long as the brick.

Pumpkin Carving

Trick or Treat

It's amazing what people will do when challenged.  Let's see what a 100 watt CO2 laser can do to a pumpkin.  It really was a fun time!  Wouldn't you agree Mr. Pennywise?

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Dixie Wine Lid Sign

The Dust is in the Details

This 4-minute video is a quick overview of the process used to create a custom wine barrel sign using a laser and some elbow grease.  

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